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Scentual Gardens is here to offer you the finest in natural handmade soaps. From "Nanny T's Barnyard Soap" made from lard, water, and lye to "Naked Lady", our pure Castile soap made from 100% saponified olive oil and nothing else, you will be sure to find our soaps among the best!

Our soaps are hand mixed, hand poured, hand cut, and hand cared for! You will find there may be some shape and tint variations, but this is due to the handmade nature of our soaps.

The soap we make here at Scentual Gardens contains all the natural glycerin that is a by-product of lye reacting with fat to make soap, called saponification. Glycerin draws moisture to the skin, soothing and lubricating its cells. Most soap sold in stores has had its glycerin removed so that it can be sold back to you in other skin care products.

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